Grace Lutheran Church

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The pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Forrest Hills New York contacted Michael Davis Glass to design and create a series of new stained glass windows for the sanctuary of the church. There were existing tapestries in the church that the pastor liked and suggested that they be the basis of the window design. Michael drafted a series of drawings and four designs were selected. During the site survey Michael noted that the windows were recessed and would make it difficult if not impossible for the congregants to view the windows. He suggested designing a mounting system that would angle the stained glass windows into the sanctuary and still allow the functional windows to back light the stained glass. In the process of designing, a congregant of the church volunteered that his grandfather had worked at the Tiffany factory and he had a number of iridized Tiffany pressed glass jewels. These jewels made a wonderful embellishment for the windows and added a layer of personalization to the design. The resulting windows were so well received, Michael was asked to make two additional pieces for the front doors of the church.